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Procreate Texture Stamps - Salt Flats


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10 Июл 2020
Salt Flats.jpg

Add personality to your work with a single tap of your Apple Pencil thanks to these salty texture stamps.

With a wide range of light to heavy grains, this pack of stamps is bound to have what you're searching for to add the perfect amount texture, grit, grunge, or light dust to your work.

What you’ll discover:
  • 18 total brushes featuring:
  • 5 light grain
  • 5 medium grain
  • 5 heavy grain
  • 3 bonus inking pen brushes with varying textured edges

What sets this pack apart:
  • Each brush was meticulously made from high res photos of actual salt.
  • Layerable to create custom, one-of-a-kind textures, shadows, & gritty gradients, from subtle to intense.
  • Can be used with massive, print ready files without loss of quality.
  • No hard or awkward edges.
  • Great for all Procreate users, from first-timers to full blown wizards.
  • Once purchased, you’ll receive free updates for life.

Procreate Texture Stamps - Salt Flats.

Brushset | 8 Mb

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