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Sketchbook Set – Procreate Brushes


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10 Июл 2020

The Mini Sketchbook set features 23 custom brushes with realistic brush textures and 2 paper textures that can be modified to fit your needs. The set includes dry and wet media with a range of different colored pencils and markers. I designed these brushes to look like the actual traditional mediums, so you can work the same way you do traditionally but with the convenience of digital.

There are 2 paper textures with flattened JPG versions and native Procreate versions that you can easily change the color of and the textures are 300dpi. 1 paper texture is an open Moleskine scan with enhanced texture and each page is roughly the size of the XL Moleskine skechbook paper size (7.5" x 9.75"). The other paper texture is a textured art paper with heavy grain and is sized 8" x 10". It also has 2 layers that you can adjust to get rich paper texture in both your highlights and shadows.

This set for Procreate is a slightly smaller version than my Photoshop version. I optimized these brushes to perform exactly like the Photoshop version, and the brushes that didn't perform the same were removed.

This product is only compatible with Procreate 5+ and up.

BRUSH DEMO: Mini Sketchbook Set for Procreate.

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Sketchbook Set – Procreate Brushes.

Brushset, Procreate, JPG | 103.5 Mb

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