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Soft Lines and Textures Brush Pack


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10 Июл 2020
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Soft Lines and Textures Brush Pack.

The "Soft Lines and Textures Brush Pack" contains 12 brushes designed to convey a soft, irregular and imperfect look, inspired by markers, watercolors and brush pens.

Those brushes were customized over the last years of my life as an illustrator, using textures and settings to digitally emulate the way I draw with markers, pencils, brushpens and watercolors. If you are looking for tools that mix the digital and the traditional looks, maybe this will be interesting for you too!

The brushes were made for Photoshop, but work well on Procreate, too. They can be imported in any software that works with .abr ou .brushset brushes.

This Pack includes:

- Elliptical Sketch: This is my favorite brush for sketching. It is slightly texturized and it has an irregular shape. I usually set a 60% opacity, for a smoother effect.
- Marker Line, Flat Marker: These are brushes inspired by markers.
- Dry Line: A brush inspired by mechanical pencils.
- Aqua Line, Aqua Fill: These are brushes with a watercolor texture and aspect.
- Old Brushpen: A brush that simulates an old fudepen (brush pen)
- Blotched Paper 1, Blotched Paper 2, Splots: These are brushes that I use to apply heavy textures in my drawings.
- Heavy Splats, Soft Splashes: Brushes with paint splats.

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Soft Lines and Textures Brush Pack for Procreate and Photoshop.

Brushset, Abr | 50.7 Mb

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